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      During the mid 1990’s to the present, television programming has changed radically in two important phases. First was the change from analog to digital which allowed for a host of new networks and programming from a limited choice of approximately 30 analog channels to hundreds of digital channels. The second change has been the internet which has had the biggest impact by its ability to create and share programming to billions of viewers worldwide. The result, particularly over the last five years has
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      One of the most important reasons for the creation of Aware American TV was to inform and educate intelligent, open minded and concerned people with information which is now being muted by most major mainstream media outlets. With the exception of FOX, most major media networks either omit or tailor anything that does not fit into the liberal socialist way of thinking. For example, look at the liberal Democrat stance on Global Warming and the billions of dollars wasted following this distorted view of the world's weather. While mankind does have an obligation to promote clean air and clean water, it is a mistake to blame the world's weather changes simply on mankind. Like the news media's information distortions, many in the scientific community also have created false made for mass consumption lies about global warming.
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      China is building one of the world's largest drone fleets aimed at expanding its military reach in the Pacific and swarming U.S. Navy carriers in the unlikely event of a war, according to a new report.

      The Chinese military — known as the People's Liberation Army (PLA) — envisions its drone swarms scouting out battlefields, guiding missile strikes and overwhelming opponents through sheer numbers. China's military-industrial complex has created a wide array of homegrown drones to accomplish those goals over the past decade, according to the report released ...
      Published on 05-18-2013 09:07 PM
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      This year I attended the NRA 2013 annual convention which was held this year in Houston, Texas. This year was a sellout due to all the controversy surrounding gun control and it's attack on the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. This years theme "Stand and Fight" was appropriate. Well over 70,000 people officially attended and I must tell you first hand that the attendees were the most friendly and well behaved group of people I have ever experienced. Yes, there were a few (hired?) scruffy looking protesters waving crude signs across the street, but I never saw more than 4 of them at any one time (the liberal newspapers said 50 but the other 46 must have been hiding underground). Make no mistake about it, the people who attended were mostly educated working Americans and their families who are concerned with the erosion and degradation of the principles the USA was founded upon. The tail of the USA is wagging the dog due to a lack of understanding and knowledge of what make America different than other countries around the world. THE NRA 2013 STAND AND FIGHT CONFERENCE: The entire long weekend during the NRA 2013 conference in Houston, TX, fellow NRA members answered the call to STAND AND FIGHT! The politicians who want to destroy our freedoms and the anti-gun media elite heard us loud and clear! However, the fight is far from over and do not for once underestimate the tenacity of the opposition and their brain washed minions. NRA chairman, Wayne LaPierre has urged all NRA members to watch the following videos of the passionate speeches given by at the convention. Additionally, I have added the live videos of Taya Kyle, wife of one of America’s most outstanding young men, former Navy Seal Chris Kyle (author of American Sniper) who was tragically killed ...

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